All the courses below can be adapted to your specific needs. Contact us for more information.

MS Word – learn how to use innovative tools and features to create and share great-looking documents!

MS Excel – learn how to create professional spreadsheets that improve the way you turn data into information using powerful tools to analyse, communicate and share your results!

MS PowerPoint – learn how to easily create impressive presentations!

MS Outlook – learn how to improve the way you manage information, communicate with others, schedule and organise you work - all from one place!

Typing skills – improve your speed on a keyboard in a matter of a few days.

Internet for beginners – focuses on giving you an overview of the fundamental navigation, saving, printing, help, mail and media features of Internet Explorer as well as how to manage security settings and setting up an internet connection.

“In today’s world, computer literacy is a necessity, not a luxury!” –
Author Unknown